Narine Gevorkian, PharmD


Narine is a Doctor of Pharmacy & Owner/Director of Equilibrium Fitness. As an avid Pilates & Yoga  practitioner she always wanted to exercise in an environment that many gyms, fitness centers, and other studios simply don't offer - a clean & private space with professional & personalized instruction and small group classes. With Equilibrium she created that space for you. 

"Pilates & Yoga can help you achieve better muscle conditioning, balance, coordination & flexibility. The emphasis of our programs is to help you build strength & develop endurance to achieve better mobility & health. My role is to ensure that our programs allow you to Be Your Best." NG

Hollee Cool - Pilates



Hollee has been a dance teacher and choreographer for 20 years now. She has recently become a certified Pilates and Dance Conditioning Instructor through the Riverside City College Certification Program. Being a dancer herself she found that conditioning her body by learning the Pilates Method that Joseph H. Pilates developed has enhanced her knowledge of how important it is to strengthen and stretch your body. As a dancer instructor and now as a Pilates instructor her hope is to encourage others to take care of their bodies to live healthy lives. She wanted to further her career by learning the repertoire of Pilates mat and apparatus work to help others gain strength for exercise, injuries and self-confidence.

Richard Howard - Pilates



Richard has been practicing Pilates since 2004. Richard enjoys working with people of all ages who are recovering from injury or surgery, or just searching for a healthier body or lifestyle. “Nothing brings me more joy then helping a person return their body to functional movement with Pilates as it has done the same for me.” For him Pilates is more than an exercise form. It is a philosophy of control that connects the mind and body. It draws attention to the way the body moves. Pilates challenges one to live with energy in one’s movement. Richard teaches Privates, Semi-Privates, and group classes and would love to help anyone achieve the goal they have set for themselves to achieve.

Denise Kokinis - Pilates


Dee Dee Kokinis has been an AFAA Certified Mat Pilates Instructor since 1989, inspired by over 25 years of dance, choreography, gymnastics, and group exercise. Stott based seminars, infused with Basi and Fletcher methods, have served as a foundation for her sessions. Through understanding core stability, balance, flexion, and motion, she creates an accelerating experience on the mat. Various accessories are utilized to enhance lengthening and strengthening during sessions. Being mindful of one's inner self and listening to one's body form the core principals of her sessions. She is always sensitive to individual needs and is committed to integrity. Pilates is her passion.

William Davis - Hanna Somatics



As as active athlete William experienced many injuries. How did he find relief? Hanna Somatics. It was with Hanna Somatics Education that all his pain was resolved. "I continue to this day to work with it and get more use all the time," says William. The Hanna Somatic sessions target specific areas of trauma and/or pain. And the movements are daily practice that keeps people moving with ease. He began practicing Hanna Somatics in 2008. He started formal training with the Novato Institute in 2010, and completed training and certification as a Hanna Somatic Educator in 2013. Later that year he joined the teaching team and have served on that team as a Teaching Assistant and Student Teacher. He is a member in good standing of the Association for Hanna Somatic Education.

Eva Ryabchikova - Yoga


Eva has been practicing Yoga for as long as she can remember. She started practicing Yoga poses and philosophy on her own  but it was when she had her daughter when the two started taking classes together. She quickly  realized how much more she enjoyed doing Yoga. She has always enjoyed teaching and sharing her knowledge with others. "I think Yoga represents the idea of sharing, compassion, and love in its best way," says Eva. After teaching her very first class she realized how much satisfaction she felt after helping others discover Yoga poses which made her "really, really happy."

Cherie Hester - Pilates


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Lauren Little - Pilates


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