La Verne Pilates, Yoga & Wellness. #beyourbestLa Verne Pilates, Yoga & Wellness. #beyourbestLa Verne Pilates, Yoga & Wellness. #beyourbestLa Verne Pilates, Yoga & Wellness. #beyourbest

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Equilibrium Fitness is a fully-equipped Pilates & Yoga Studio in La Verne, CA offering group, private and semi-private Pilates, Yoga & Hanna Somatics classes. Whether it's traditional Yoga or Pilates Reformer we've got you covered. We offer mat and reformer Pilates classes as well as Barre, TRX, and Bosu. Our trainers are certified, professional, and amazing. Our classes are suitable for all ages & fitness levels. Our studio is clean & peaceful. Our goal is to help you feel and be your best

About Our Studio



Pilates is a physical fitness system that helps improve balance, coordination, muscle condition & flexibility. It helps build strength and helps develop full body control & endurance. Pilates puts emphasis on alignment and breathing helping develop a strong core which consists of the abdomen, low back, and hip muscles. 

This system allows for different exercises to be modified for ranges of difficulty to accommodate practitioners of all levels, abilities, or limitations. Pilates training can be performed on a mat and/or equipment known as the Pilates Reformer, Springboard, and Cadillac. 



Yoga is a physical, mental & spiritual practice. It helps promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improves health & stamina. It is a routine that helps strengthen and balance body and mind focusing on posture, breathing,& meditation. We offer a variety of Yoga classes.


Hanna Somatics

Hanna Somatics is a series of exercises/movements that focus on neuromuscular re-education that help improve physical comfort, quality of movement, posture & overall well-being. This practice helps achieve optimal muscular health & fitness. All movements are low-impact and easy on the body.