1. Reformer
    Lie, kneel, stand and sit to create a balanced body and strong powerhouse.
  2. Springboard
    A full body workout based in Pilates movement.
Equilibrium Fitness

Pilates, Yoga, & Wellness Studio

Equilibrium Fitness is a Yoga and Pilates studio in La Verne, California offering fitness classes to the surrounding areas. Since 2001, we have been serving the community with private, semi-private and group exercise sessions. Our Nationally Certified Trainers provide personalized fitness and alternative wellness services. We serve all ages and fitness levels so call us today to get started!
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Our Services

Optimize your overall well-being with Pilates and Yoga classes at Equilibrium Fitness.
Whether you are interested in a one-on-one session with our trainer or group classes,
​we will help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.

Private Training Sessions

These one-on-one session focus on you.
Available for Pilates, Yoga or Hanna Somatic movement styles.

$50 - $80

Semi-Private Sessions

Offers much of the tailored movement of privates with the bonus of a shared experience.
Available for Pilates and Yoga

$35 - $50 per person

Group Sessions

Classes meet at regularly times offering a variety of levels modes and equipment.

$10 - $25


Joseph Pilates developed a system of core-oriented movement to improve overall health for the modern individual.


A mind body practice originating in India. This Meditative practice focuses on posture, breath, and meditation.

Hanna Somatic

Address the root cause of chronic muscular pain. This movement focuses on neuromuscular re-education.
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