Meet Your Instructors

  1. Richard Howard
    Richard Howard has been practicing Pilates since 2004, and became the owner of Equilibrium Fitness in, 2014. Richard started Pilates when he was in college working on his first A.A. in Fine and Performing Arts. An injury to his knee made it difficult to dance and he went into Pilates as a way to recover from the knee injury. He found that not only did Pilates help him recover from the knee injury but it helped him isolate new problems and address them in a gentle manner. He fell in love with Pilates and what it did for his body and took time off from college to go get his certification at Long Beach Dance Conditioning. After his certification he went on to study how the body works in structure and form by going back to college and completing a second degree in Science focusing on anatomy, physiology and biology with the intention of continuing forward into a Doctorate program for Physical Therapy. Richard enjoys working with people of all ages who are recovering from injury or surgery, or just searching for a healthier body or lifestyle. “Nothing brings me more joy then helping a person return their body to functional movement with Pilates as it has done the same for me.” For him Pilates is more than an exercise form. It is a philosophy of control that connects the mind and body. It draws attention to the way the body moves. Pilates challenges one to live with energy in one’s movement. Richard teaches Privates, Semi-Privates, Classes and Workshops and would love to help anyone achieve the goal they have set for themselves to achieve.
  2. Maura Riley
    Maura Riley received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California in 1992. She has been teaching and practicing Pilates across Southern California for the past 8 years; with a diversity of clients. Maura became a Pilate’s instructor in 2007 and received her certification as an Instructor in 2010. As a former professional dancer, she developed a passion for Pilates right away. Maura loves teaching and seeing her clients reach their full physical potential. “I love to see my clients smile when they suddenly realize the strength they have gained through this practice.” Maura brings joy to life in her manner of instruction to her clients. She strives to bring the limitless potential of the human spirit within her teaching method. Pilates has changed her life in many positive ways. “My students continually challenge me to become a better teacher; I want to live up to it!” With the experience Maura has gained through teaching, she has gained many friends because of her trustworthiness. Her clientele has continued to grow.
  3. Rebecca Crucil
    Becky Crucil is a Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI) certified instructor. Having had pins placed in both hips as a child and battling weight issues into her early adulthood, Rebecca began training for a marathon in 2006 and found that Pilates brought a tone and agility to her body that she had never before experienced. Her Pilates sessions stabilized her weight and also kept her hips mobile through the many miles of training. She went on to pursue her certificate and began teaching in 2008. Since then, Rebecca has been certified in pre/postnatal Pilates through Rebekah Rotstein’s Pilates for Buff Bones. She has extensive experience with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels from the high school athlete to the senior client with spinal degeneration, fibromyalgia, joint injuries, spondylolisthesis, etc. Rebecca loves people and enjoys enabling them to do the things they desire to do by helping them achieve balance, strength and agility in their bodies. She is also a professionally trained chef and in her spare time operates her own decorative cake business.
  4. Dee Dee Kokinis
    Dee Dee Kokinis has been an AFAA Certified Mat Pilates Instructor since 1989, inspired by over 25 years of dance, choreography, gymnastics, and group exercise. After physical rehabilitation for a torn meniscus, she was received as an assistant for physical therapy. Pilates was administered as a strengthening program for healing. This experience awakened her senses from a client's prospective. Stott based seminars, infused with Basi and Fletcher methods, have served as a foundation for her sessions. New seminars and certifications include: Pilates-based Postural Assignment, Osteoporosis, Harmful Effects of Extreme Exercise, Unplug, and GEAR. Through understanding core stability, balance, flexion, and motion, she creates an accelerating experience on the mat. Various accessories are utilized to enhance lengthening and strengthening during sessions. Being mindful of one's inner self and listening to one's body form the core principals of her sessions. She is always sensitive to individual needs and is committed to integrity. Pilates is her passion.
  5. Juanita Rivas-Raymer
    Juanita Rivas-Raymer was introduced to Yoga by her father many years ago and has continued to deepen her practice through the years. She completed her 200 hour certification at Green Tara Yoga where she practiced with Gina Decker and Doug Moss. Juanita focuses on building strength and balance through many styles of yoga. She also teaches prenatal yoga and offers workshops on breastfeeding and preparing for labor. Private Sessions are available.
  6. William Davis
  7. Annie Dennis
    Annie Dennis, MFA began her love affair with Yoga in a class with Bryan Kest in Santa Monica, CA in 1995. After teaching Acting and Voice at the University level from 1997 -2003, her spiritual journey led her across the country, serendipitously, to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY where she served on staff for four years. As a member of the Omega community, Annie had the privilege of interacting with a wide range of spiritual teachers, artists and authors, practicing extensively with Glen Black, Kofi Busia and many others. Her love for learning has most recently led her back to her Alma Mater, Cal Poly Pomona where she serves on the Board of Directors for the Southern California Shakespeare Festival and teaches Acting and Voice as adjunct faculty in the Theatre Department. Annie offers individual sessions in Yoga, and Thai Yoga Massage, as well as giving Wellness Consultations, supporting health and healing through the use of dōTERRA essential oils. She is dedicated to being a positive force in the evolution of others and encourages students to listen to their soul's voice and follow their bliss. Her classes and workshops are designed to awaken sensory and spiritual awareness, tune our instruments, body/mind/spirit and raise vibrations for peace, health and happiness.
  8. Seiji Davis
    SEIJI DAVIS is an educator, artist and healer. He was born and grew up in Germany with a rich multicultural background to a Japanese-American mother and a German father. Seiji can speak multiple languages, has a vast cultural understanding of Europe and the world, and has a wide range of interests and skills that he shares freely. Seiji is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator. with “Somatic Education”, a highly effective form of personal neuro-muscular training, Seiji helps people release chronic pain and tension and restore both movement and function to their bodies with relaxing and conscious movements. Seiji offers Somatic Education in guided movement classes as well as private sessions. He also designs and creates stunning “Sacred Artifact Jewelry” from crystals and gemstones for emotional and spiritual healing.
  9. Laura Crittendon
  10. Steve Von Hargett